Maria DanaWelcome to my website !

First, I will make a short introduction about myself.

My name is Maria Dana Ghiță and I am 11 years old. I was born in Romania, Bucharest and now I’m living in Spain from 2007. In Oct 2012 we moved from Barcelona to Broto (Huesca), a lovely village in the middle of the Pyrenees mountains, next to National Park Ordesa.

I know 5 languages: Romanian (native), Spanish (very good), Catalan (very good), English (beginner) and now I’m starting with French. I would like to speak more languages, will see in time :).

I start to study in Romania from 2004 and then continued in various schools in Barcelona: Escuela L´Estel – Barcelona, I started here from the second year of kindergarten until the second grade. Escuela Joan Roca – Barcelona, I’ve studied here only one year, the third grade. Escuela Mare Del Diví Pastor  – Barcelona, only the fourth grade. Colegio C.R.A Alto Ara – Broto (Huesca), where I study now in the fifth grade. For more details check our school’s blog – CRARACOLES

I love hiking the mountains with my father, to see all the beautiful places and have a lot of adventures. Check out my pictures and videos on this website and find all the amazing places where I have been.

I have started my own “zoo”, so far I have two cats and I love them so much that my father and I we have done a blog for them: Toti & Sushi Blog. Recently I received a birthday present – a cute little rabbit, Sasha and soon we will include her in the blog.

If you like my website and you want to send me comments and suggestions please feel free to contact me.

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